watch Italy vs Croatia Live free Streaming Online 14-6-2012 – Italy vs Croatia Live free Streaming Online 14-6-2012

watch Italy vs Croatia Live free Streaming Online 14-6-2012 – Italy vs Croatia Live free Streaming Online 14-6-2012
watch Italy vs Croatia Live
watch Italy vs Croatia
Italy vs Croatia Live

Italy vs Croatia

Seeks Italian and Croatian teams to take advantage of the morale boost that Nallagha reversed at the beginning of the tournament in search of three points in a game the two teams on Thursday and experiencing exciting Musbando between the Croatian offensive and dangerous solid Italian defense.

The two sides meet in Poznan, Poland in the second round of group matches on the first floor of the third UEFA European Championship “Euro 2012” Poland and Ukraine.

Croatian national team and dot the top of the group after winning 3-1 at the Great Irish counterpart in the first round of group matches on Sunday.

The team needs to win one of two remaining matches against Italy, Spain, Thursday and next Monday to ensure they qualify to the quarter-finals of the tournament regardless of the rest of the results in this tournament.

And dreams of the Croatian national team to qualify for discount card contest the Thursday before the confrontation in front of the most difficult Matador Spanish champions and world champions. In contrast, the Italian team won the “Azzurri” huge morale boost also a draw with Spanish counterpart at the beginning of his career tournament.

Azzurri and aspires to achieve their first win in the tournament to bring more than one goal in the forefront of the Croatian national team step away from the competition to qualify after it became a party to a strong Croatian team in the competition for my card from this group qualify to the quarter-finals to win the Great Ireland.

Azzurri also hopes to maintain the high morale of the players amid the difficult circumstances in which the team played the tournament after the discovery of a new scandal of match-fixing and illegal betting on matches in Italy, which was deprived of his defense team of star Krecheto Domenico, who was summoned to the investigations.

Despite the absence of Krecheto, succeeded the Italian defense in the face of the Spanish national team candidate strongly for the title. The Group seeks to reaffirm the solidity of his defense in a game Thursday against the attack led by the powerful Croatian Mario Mandzoki_ which represents a real test for the Italian defense.

With the failure of Italy striker Mario Balotelli in the provision of performance convincing him to Spain in the first round, you may resort coach Cesare Prandelli coach Italian to payment striker Antonio Di Natale from the start in game Thursday after the brilliance of the player with the coming in the middle of the second half to meet with Spain and scored goal of the team in the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Is also expected to continue to rely on Prandelli midfielder Daniele De Rossi in the center of defense after the shred player in the performance of this role against Spain.

Prandelli said: “This will be the decisive match in this group .. The idea is not to resort to change frequently, so that the team still retains Pettmaskh.”

In contrast, Slaven Bilic believes coach Croatian Thursday to face more difficult for his first match in the tournament and the coach is thinking to make some changes to the game plan and the formation of the team.

Highlights of these changes in his desire to rely on Mandzoki_ as the lone forward with the failure to pay the other neighborhood striker Nikica Jelavić despite his brilliance in the game Ireland.

This thinking comes from Bilic in the pursuit of increasing the number of midfielders to create more balance in the team before the Azzurri.

Despite the win over Ireland and made his group, Bilic admitted that the elected Spanish and Italian are still the most nominations for the crossing of this group to the quarter-finals.
But he stressed at the same time that surprises and inbound and said: “I think we can win on one of them.”

And compounded by the Croatian national team hopes he has an impressive record in the confrontations with his Italian counterpart since Croatia’s independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991.

The two teams have met five times since that date was the win went to Croatia in three games against the only two draws.

The Stipe Pletikosa and Gianluigi Buffon are also guards against the two teams Croatian and Italian, respectively, when they met in the group stage 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan that where Croatia beat England 2-1. “DPA”

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