Watch Spain vs Italy Live free Streaming Online 1-7-2012 – Spain vs Italy Live free Streaming Online 1-7-2012

watch Spain vs Italy Live free Streaming Online 1-7-2012 – Spain vs Italy Live free Streaming Online 1-7-2012
watch Spain vs Italy Live
watch Spain vs Italy
Spain vs Italy Live
Spain vs Italy

Any of them will raise the European Cup football in the skies of Kiev? The answer on Sunday evening at eight o’clock and 45 minutes in the Ukrainian capital’s Olympic Stadium after the final game, which is expected to be a witch match between defending champions Spain and its Italian counterpart. Fiery confrontation between the poles of the ball bearing Latin connotations suggest that it will be a beautiful and exciting, and the winner will remain for eternity in the history of the game.

Battle of heroes and the stars
The one hand, “Alroja immediate” Spanish looking forward to the completion of a unique of its kind: in the event won against Italy, will become simply the first team win the European Nations Cup twice in a row and earn at the same time three unprecedented in world football, where it has made Cup of Nations European Cup in 2008 and the world in 2010 in South Africa. The coach Vicente del Bosque will be the time the first coach in history made the World Cup and European Cup.

On the other hand, the team, “Squadra Ozora” Italian hopes and dreams that enriches the Golden Cup football record did not taste the taste since 1968, when he obtained for the first time. And will play Italy, world champion 4 times in the years 1934 and 1938 and 1982 and 2006 this evening, the final third match in the history of this tournament, where it lost in 2000 in front of a strong French team led by Zinedine Zidane, 2-1. It fact the battle of the heroes and the stars.

Prandelli play Italian engineer turned
But regardless of all these statistics, data and bets Historically, the national teams of Spain and Italy are among the masses sports European and international date hot sexy because I had been since 2008 the best team the world in terms of game picturesque practitioner through the passes short and the performance of offensive distinct and yields effective, while the second moved in a period not exceeding two years and without prior notice to play a boring defensive to an offensive way surprised and impressed followers European Cup 2012.

Play is based on the control of the ball and control of the center before launching attacks, and to provide the serious bilateral Mario Balotelli and Antonio Cassano, both balls in the rear or behind the defense. This is what makes goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and captain says that “the fortunes of Spain and Italy in the final level playing field.” Buffon did not risk such statements did not realize that if elected PATA close in the way of play, and this is contrary to all expectations.

Generation of gold and a gold record
The engineer turned playing Italian named Cesare Prandelli, who took over as coach in the wake of the comic presentation given by Andrea Pirlo’s colleagues in the World Cup South Africa 2010, where out of the first round. Since access to the bar Prandelli technique, did not record “Azzurri” Any defeat in 15 games, won ten of them official and drawn five. No matter who wins on Sunday evening, Kiev, Italy has surely won the bet the future thanks to this transformation.

For its part, Spain has achieved in four years ago, the best and most beautiful that can be achieved in football: performance and beautiful titles. It would be a weapon “Alforaa” against Italy experienced the largest players in the construction and earn achievements with the team, both with their clubs or the fact that most of them from Barcelona and Real Madrid. The club goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez, talent and pride of the Catalan club the most prominent symbols of the golden generation, since starting play in the team since the age of 15 years for small groups.

Uttered by the Germans failed in their mission
The line was the center of Spain, the author of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and David Silva, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets, its striking but the defense shine more in the 2012 European Championship, where he had received only one goal, and that was against Italy in June 10 in the opening match in Group III (1-1). Cesc Fabregas said Saturday at a press conference that the only way to stop crawling the Italian is “isolate Mario Balotelli and Cassano” and “prevention of his usual Pirlo in the middle.”

Is Fabregas and his colleagues succeed in abortion activity Pirlo, has uttered the Germans before them, and failed in their mission? Answer after hours …

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