Insights from Former Referee Dermot Gallagher on the Andy Robertson Elbow Incident

Недавняя ничья 2:2 «Ливерпуля» с «Арсеналом» была омрачена инцидентом с участием Энди Робертсона и помощника судьи Константина Хацидакиса во время перерыва. Были выдвинуты утверждения, что Хацидакис толкнул Робертсона локтем, когда прозвучал свисток на перерыв. В ответ PGMOL и FA начали расследование, опросив соответствующие стороны, чтобы лучше понять инцидент.

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher, who has worked with Hatzidakis, was approached for his thoughts on the incident. Gallagher praised Hatzidakis as a “really great guy” and a “seriously good referee.” He believes that the PGMOL and Howard Webb will seek Hatzidakis’ perspective on the incident. The FA has also stated that they will speak to both Hatzidakis and Robertson.

As for the incident itself, Gallagher explained that it is challenging for a referee to take action if they have not witnessed an incident or if their officials have not seen it. He emphasized the importance of referees maintaining their composure and being in control of themselves on the pitch.

Gallagher added that he has never seen an incident like this at any level and cautioned against speculation. He advised authorities to take their time in investigating the matter, collecting all evidence, and speaking with all parties involved.

In response to whether Hatzidakis should be dropped for the next game, Gallagher suggested that it would depend on the outcome of the investigation. He highlighted the need to avoid hasty decisions that could lead to incorrect conclusions. Instead, it is essential to take the time to gather all the facts and evidence before making a decision.

To conclude, the incident involving Andy Robertson and Constantine Hatzidakis is under investigation by the PGMOL and the FA. Gallagher provided insights into the incident and emphasized the importance of gathering all evidence and speaking to all parties involved before coming to any conclusions.

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